06 March 2012

Say No to Republican Control of Congress.

In GOP focus on control of Congress amid presidential doubts this fall, The Hill is reporting Republcan efforts to reduce the poltical damage its presidential candidates are doing to Republican influence on American public policy by bolstering its efforts to control Congress.

Americans ought view Republican attempts to control the House and Senate as the kind of political plotting more commonly associated with coups than democratic elections. While they likely are doing nothing illegal, their intentions and motivations are more like those of political extremists who support tyrants and dictators than the efforts of public servants.

The once proud Republican Party is little more than a cult. It has become the home of ideologues, zealots and stooges. Their efforts to retain control of the House and Senate in the face of increasing rejection of their presidential candidates illustrates their extremism. Rather than learn the lesson it teaches, that the American People are opposed to their obstruction of good policy and their support of bad policy, they are focused instead on imposing more of the same on the American People.

That is an outrage.

We expect our public servants to serve the interests of the American People. When they fail to do that, we expect them to fade away. Not so today's Republicans. Rather than honorably departing Washington, they are building bunkers and constructing last ditch defenses. With their threatened legislative outrages such as gutting Medicare, repealing health care for all Americans and coddling the 1%, they are intent on a scorched earth defense of their extremist ideology.

America must say No! We cannot allow the Republican Party to destroy America. Every patriotic American must take every opportunity to condemn it and its treachery.

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