21 March 2012

The Path to Perdition

All budgets are political documents. By choosing among the various sources and uses of public funds, they institutionalize the political philosophy of their creators. They tell us what they value and what has no value to them. Paul Ryan's budget, his Path to Prosperity, is no different. It shows us what conservatives value most, comfort for the comfortable and affliction for the afflicted.

This shameful document would be better-named the Path to Perdition. "Perdition" is defined as "final and irrevocable spiritual ruin." What better way can we describe a world organized along conservative principles? It would be a world where the poor and the sick and the elderly are cast out into the streets to make their way through their desperate lives as best they could. Ryan's budget does that. It would be a world where the rich became richer because government places the weight of their existence on the backs of common citizens. Ryan's budget does that.

This is the horror Ryan would have for America and it would brand America as a hell dominated by plutocrats and their stooges. It is a plot contrived by one of Satan's demons, Paul Ryan, to destroy the promise of America, to bring us finally and utterly to the complete collapse of everything which separates humanity from the world of predators and prey.

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