12 November 2013

Easy to be Devout

Here's an article which deals with the resistance of evangelical preachers to deal with the problem created by red state rejection of Medicaid expansion, The Obamacare 'scandal' you haven't heard about.

The article notes the resistance of the preachers to condemn or even criticize the rejection of Medicaid expansion despite the great suffering which will result from it. The preachers say government has no part in providing relief to the poor and sick because it's the churches' responsibility.

Interestingly, those who don't trust Big Government do trust Big Religion. Perhaps it's because Big Religion has no power to compel compliance with its doctrine. Big Religion can tell us we should give relief to the poor and sick but if we don't we face no penalty. Big Government, of course, has tools to force compliance. Obviously, that makes being devout a good deal easier than being civic -- and gives us reason to doubt the sincerity of all who claim to be saved.