11 February 2012

Religion and Bad Faith

In Religion burns Obama again Niall Stanage and Amie Parnes at The Hill suggest President Obama's "accommodation" of the Catholic Church's objection to the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate is the result of his difficulty in handling religion in politics.

I don't think so.

This isn't so much about religion as it is about the President's misplaced faith in the good will of the Republican Party. He should know by now they don't have any but that's a lesson he seems incapable of learning.

Far be it from me to lecture a black man who's gotten himself elected to the Presidency in the ways of American politics but something has to be done. Maybe, as a learning aid, he could create a White House group dedicated solely to simulating Republican reactions to his proposals and finding ways to avoid it. He could staff it with internet scam artists, convicted con men and late-night TV, infomercial pitchmen. They certainly would know how the Republicans operate. Then, he could make his proposals before them first and let them hammer-away from the Republican point of view until he develops a good way to divert or stop the attack.

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