02 June 2012

Romney's Character

As this campaign season progresses, we will hear more and more of Mitt Romney. He will talk and talk in ways which he hopes will put his character in the best light. Don't be deceived by it.

We already know all we need to reject Mitt Romney. He is a thug and a sociopath. That is the essence of his character. It developed early and continued to develop throughout his life. From the moment he picked-up a deadly weapon to assault a classmate, through his life in the business world slashing jobs and impoverishing workers, to the public policy proposals which will starve babies and leave seniors to die on the street, Mitt Romney has preyed on others. Their suffering at his hands has never given him a moment's pause. He has ignored it and continued to stuff his pockets with whatever their suffering has gained him.

Has America really sunk so low it would put this monster in the White House? Is that what we have become?

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