20 September 2009

What in the world is Time talking about?

For years wingnuts have been trying to tell anyone who would listen that the media are biased in favor of liberals.  Those of us who actually read what the mainstream media produce know that's not true.  Nevertheless, the idea has taken hold and many who don't follow the controversy actually believe it.  

That's unfortunate.  It means the recent Time article on Glenn Beck will be given far more credence than it deserves and Beck will come-off looking far better than he deserves.

From its uncritical dealing with the differences in reporting the size of the crowd at the recent Beck-promoted Washington DC protest to ignoring Beck's daily distortions and outright lying, the Time article was an insult to the very idea of journalism.  It's little more than a puff piece we might expect to read in a publication with the permanence of a passing cloud not the chronicle we've come to expect Time to be.  

Time deserves to be ripped for its pitiful performance and Jamison Foser had taken on the task.  His article Time Magazine's Dishonest and Incompetent Profile on Glenn Beck Enables His Sick Lies lays out the case for dismissing the Time article as just another case of mistaken identity.  Apparently, someone is impersonating America's one-time premiere news magazine.

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