18 September 2009

Say It Ain't So, Joe.

Representative Addison "Joe" Wilson, (R) South Carolina, attacked President Obama for what was little more than a difference of opinion on health care for illegal immigrants.  When President Obama, addressing Congress, said they wouldn't qualify under his plan, Wilson screamed out his disagreement with the now infamous phrase "You lie!"  Those of us who witnessed this outrage, if only on television, can be forgiven for assuming Wilson was, by his protestation, a staunch supporter of American immigration laws.

Well, not so much.

Now we see that ol' Joe decided to bend the rules a bit for his good friend and illegal immigrant Sainey H. Fatty.  According to Wilson Authored Bill To Let Illegal Immigrant Stay In U.S. at Talking Points Memo, Wilson authored a "private bill" to allow Fatty to stay in the US.  Imagine that.  The majesty of the Legislative Branch bent to the service of a law breaker.

Kind of makes you wonder what ol' Joe was so upset about. With all the yelling, I mean.

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  1. this is without a doubt the biggest blog bullshit drivel I have ever seen. Hello in there...what color is the sky in YOUR world