18 September 2009

Scalia's Bizarro World

This is outrageous.  Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court says there's nothing wrong with injecting religion into government.

Justice Antonin Scalia has defended the court's accommodation of religion in the public sphere in recent rulings, saying the founding fathers would want it that way.

Scalia told the Jewish daily newspaper Hamodia for Wednesday editions that it was never U.S. constitutional, social or legal tradition to exclude religion. He noted that the Supreme Court recently allowed the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Texas State Legislature. 
Scalia recalls 9-11 experience for Jewish daily

Scalia claims to be a textualist, an originalist.  Now, despite the utter lack of anything in the Constitution which would permit religion to become a part of public policy, he's insisting "It's in there."

Where to these wingnuts get this stuff?  Do they stay up nights dreaming of bizarre things to say?  Or are they so talented they can just make-up stuff in an instant when they see an opening to spew their nonsense.

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