05 July 2012

The Truth About the President's Record

Today President Obama is beginning a two day bus tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania to focus on the economy before the monthly jobs report is released. While the report is expected to announce 90,000 new jobs, that will be less than number of jobs our economy needs to maintain healthy progress toward full recovery and it will provide the Republicans with an opportunity to distort the President's record.

The Hill website reminds us "(n)o president since Franklin Roosevelt has won reelection with an unemployment rate over 8 percent." That may be true but we also should note no President ever has faced an opposition so single-mindedly focused on denying him a second term and so willing to do anything to achieve their goal including destroying the economy.

If the electorate were as well-informed as we can only hope they were, they would see what has happened over the last three and a half years not as poor performance in the Presidency but as the triumph of good over evil. Despite all the dastardly schemes of the Republicans, they have not been able to stop the President from moving America away from the edge of the abyss their policy bungling and manipulation for the special interests have created. We have seen steady job creation over the course of his administration and for the first time in the life of any American the prospect of health care for each of us regardless of our economic circumstances. These are tremendous achievements and the President deserves the respect and admiration of every American for his perseverance. More that that, the President -- and all Americans -- deserve a second term.

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