11 July 2012

On the Republicans' Vote to Repeal Affordable Care

Today the Republican run US House of Representatives repealed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This makes the 33rd time the House has repealed all or part of it.

As it is for many others, the depth of the Republican party's hatred for this law is unfathomable to me. Their single-minded forcus on denying health care to so many millions of Americans is a mystery of conservatism and I suppose I never will understand that. I can only suppose it is part of the nature of Republicans. This latest repeal of PPACA is like the scorched earth campaigns dictators order when their regimes are defeated. They're willing to destroy their countries and kill their own citizens rather than admit defeat. So are the Republicans.

Frankly, It's hard to imagine a group of elected officials as despicable and malicious as the current crop of congressional Republicans. Even in history's most vile regimes, the evil came mostly from a single malevolent person at the top. In today's Republican party, the evil extends from top to bottom. Malice and evil pervade the Republican party and are ingrained in it as its credo.

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