16 May 2011

Deficit Advice to President Obama

As we get closer and closer to next general election, President Obama is going to be getting more and more advice about how to win the election if the face of the budget deficit. Brit Hume offered him some on “Fox News Sunday” online “Panel Plus” segment on Sunday. Hume said "Obama (should) get on board with at least one of the current proposals put forth to address the federal debt. But he also noted the opposition he would face from his own party if he did so.

You're darn right, Brit.

Democrats didn't cause the deficit problem. Republicans did. Whatever Obama does about the deficit has to be at their expense. The Bush tax cuts, the Bush wars and the Bush Recession caused it. Obama has to keep the voters focused on that.


  1. Joe, I saw your comment at TP and thought I would leap over for a visit. I think your comment was misunderstood. I agree with your posts here and will visit often. My place is thebookofcletis.blogspot.com/

  2. I agree. The Dems didn't cause it. The Bush tax cuts were 1/2 of the current deficit.

  3. @Cletis L. Stump: I was a bit surprised at the hostility. I expected the readership at that site to be a bit more receptive to the underlying sentiment.