14 May 2011

Class Solidarity

Form what we've seen of the Republicans' legislative agenda so far this year, their intent should be clear. The Republicans are attempting to use envy to turn workers against each. The assault on public employee unions and the push for "right to work" laws shows us that. Each is an attempt to turn those not protected by unions against those who are. Unless American workers develop a sense of class solidarity, they will fall victim to the scheme. Every worker benefits when one worker improves himself. When he wins the battle, the next battle becomes easier and victory more likely.


  1. My dad helped build the UMWA in Virginia and Kentucky. He was a child laborer in the mines and was a great man. Proud to be his son.

  2. All people need to stand with Labor. If you have the weekends off, thank a union. If you work 40 hr. weeks thank a union. If you work 8 hr. days thank a union. Paul Krugman does a wonderful speech on FRD, the New Deal, Labor and the rise of the middle class on my blog. It is in the section "What Every American Should Know"