16 June 2010

More Nonsense by Patrick J. Buchanan

In Bailing Out Politicians Now?, Buchanan takes a shot at the President's attempts to maintain government services by sending some money to the states.  Set aside the fact that he's wrong.  Buchanan says, "Obama, with his $800 billion stimulus, bet it all on the public sector. It appears not to have worked."  Sorry Pat, it just ain't so.The stimulus was the only thing that kept us out of a full depression.

No, he's also wrong in the implication the past stimulus and any future stimulus are too costly.  The cost of government is irrelevant if we have the services we want. The question is, what services do we want? The answer to that question, if history is to be a guide is, all of them.

Americans love big government. The bigger, the better. From the earliest days of the Republic, we've demanded more and more from government and real Americans have objected only when government left some need unmet. Buchanan and the rest of the shills and hacks of the AmeriCorporate media who protest the cost of government without considering the object of government serve only the narrow special interests of the monied classes and the ideological extremists of the extreme right with their ranting and railing.

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