05 June 2010


When the Israelis attacked the relief mission to Gaza, Conservative pundits naturally lept to their defense.  Among them was David Limbaugh who wrote:

In reviewing the available facts about the Israeli storming of the Gaza-bound Turkish flotilla, two conclusions emerge: 1) The Israelis were justified in their actions, and 2) the Israelis will continue to be unjustly condemned by the world community.


Israeli is surrounded by nations and entities either dedicated to its destruction or decidedly hostile to it. In the past five years, Hamas has fired some 10,000 missiles into Israel from Gaza.

With that background and pursuant to its existential right to self-defense, Israel imposed a blockade on Gaza to prevent the delivery of weapons into the area that could and probably would be used by Islamic terrorists in more attacks against Israel.

World Press Rushes To Condemn Israel -- as Usual

Set aside, for a moment, Limbaugh's rationalizations of the Israeli assault on the aid ships and ask yourself how you would feel about a
similar situation in the American southwest.

Suppose Mexicans had crossed the border of, say, Arizona, and had established a community in definance of American law. Suppose, further, they eventually gained the support of the international community, declared themselves independent and made the native born occupants of the new country, Mexisrael, second class citizens.

Would you feel the interlopers were justified in killing Arizonans who tried to aid their former countrymen now living within the borders of Mexisrael?

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