09 October 2009

A Memorable Day

This was a remarkable day.  With the news of Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize came not congratulations from throughout America but ridicule from rightwing hate radio.  From the early morning to the late afternoon, they ranted and railed.  They claimed he had done nothing to deserve a peace prize.


He's not George Bush.

For most of America that's enough.  For eight years, Bush bombed and killed innocents.  He started wars and dreamed of starting more.  He wallowed in blood.  He embarrassed America.  He's a blot on America's reputation.

Barack Obama changed that.  He came to office with a determination to extricate America from the bloody mess Bush had created.  He came to expiate our guilt.  He came to cleanse our reputation.  He came to restore America's honor.

And the world loved him for it.

The world wanted the America of old back.  They wanted the America that fights to free men from oppression not to create it.  They wanted the America that creates peace and prosperity not the America that creates war and poverty.

The Nobel Peace Prize says the world is happy with what Barack Obama has given them.

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