03 October 2009

Conservatives Cheer US Defeat

I never thought I'd see it and when I did I wished I hadn't.  It was a stomach-turning sight.

When the the International Olympic Committee (IOC) rejected the American bid for the 2016 Olympics, the Conservative world erupted in wild cheering.  Hate radio talk show hosts giddily announced the news.  Rush Limbaugh was almost uncontrollable in his glee.  He bounced-around in his chair at his microphone like a four-hundred pound schoolboy as he chanted President Obama's name to associate him with America's defeat.  Glenn Beck said the news was "so sweet."

So sweet, Glenn?  The news of an American defeat is "so sweet?"  Why is that, Glenn?  How can you claim to be a patriotic American when seeing it lose makes you so happy?  Why do you hate America so much?


  1. I'm happy the Olympics are not here. The money and resources needed for the multiple events would be too much on our already strained economy. This was not a loss to America. This was a humiliation to the Obama administration. President Obama, though at the moment is America's leader, is not America. You seem to have some passion when you write, but do you really believe it?

  2. Yes. It was a defeat for America. At least, using wingnut standards, it was. Wingnuts believe America is special. They believe we were created by God to be a leader of men. We don't take second place to anyone. That's why it was OK to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. We are exceptional. We don't accept second place. Second place is just the first loser. It's first place or nothing; except, apparently, when being a loser means you can make it the fault of a President who thinks bombing small, defenseless countries isn't what we do best.