10 July 2010

DOMA Must Stand

This week a federal judge ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, in part on Tenth Amendment grounds. Conservatives believe the Tenth Amendment imparts to each State a sovereignty equal to, or even superior to, that of the United States. They believe state sovereignty allows the states to make whatever law they wish regardless of the will and morality of the American People. This idea, known as "states rights," was the basis for slavery, disenfranchisement of minorities and segregation. Over the course of a hundred years, from the Civil War through the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, it was killed-off. Should this ruling be allowed to stand, that sovereignty principle, states rights, would gain new life.

That's a dangerous principle. Believe me. I know.

I live in Missouri. The Missouri General Assembly is a sewer teeming with vermin and pestilence. The last thing in the world I want to see is state sovereignty. Allowing the reprobates and miscreants of the Missouri General Assembly any control of the lives of any human beings is an extremely bad idea. Allowing them to rule without federal oversight is an insult to the very idea of civilization. I'm sure many other states are the same way.

Should the recent ruling be allowed to stand, state legislatures across the country would regard the resulting anarchy as an open season on progressive legislation. Along with civil rights, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security would be imperiled. All the struggles of decent Americans would evaporate in an orgy of repeals which would leave America a patchwork of civilized society and barbaric jungle.

For my sake and for the sake of the American People, Obama must use every means available to reverse the recent ruling.

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